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Responsive staffing

Asian woman having a job interview

As the service director, I have over 20 years of nursing experience across primary, secondary, and urgent care.  I have also worked as an Advanced Clinical Practitioner, thus working autonomously and treating patients with a holistic mindset to prevent unnecessary hospital admissions.  In my experience working with patients, clients, and their families, I have concluded that responsive and sustainable staffing is key to delivering a high-quality service and gaining a competitive advantage. 


Responsive staffing for healthcare means planning for staffing needs and providing ongoing training and support to deliver the required care. We prioritize staff safety and well-being and are transparent about staffing skillsets that will meet your individual needs. By prioritizing these elements, we are able to provide you with healthcare workers who can provide you with the best possible care for patients. 


Direct patient care that is self-centered is integral to how Rubexcare has come to exist.


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